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Online Registration

CONEXSYS offers a full line of online services.

For your next event, choose from any or all of our online services. If you already have a list of registrants or maintain a membership database, CONEXSYS can import your list for onsite badge printing or preprint your badges for onsite distribution.

CONEXSYS can help you with the layout & design of your registration forms to ensure you capture all the information you need. CONEXSYS can show you how to use codes effectively for capturing demographic information, payment information and more. This helps to increase accuracy and speed up the registration process both pre-show and onsite.

CONEXSYS is flexible and versatile and allows you to keep track of:

  • registrant categories, ie trade show, conference delegates, speakers, exhibitors, etc.

  • demographic profiles, and surveys

  • fees and payments

  • seminars, room allotments, special functions

  • meals, kits, conference packages etc.

  • discounts and campaign promo codes

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Online Registration: Services

Data Entry and Attendee/Exhibitor Service Support

More Than Just Registration

The CONEXSYS in-house staff can input data from your mail-in and faxed pre-registration forms. CONEXSYS offers to assist event managers with Attendee/Exhibitor service phone support. Pre-event badge printing and mailing services are also available, as is e-mail & fax confirmations and reminders.

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Online Registration: About
Online Registration: About
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