Attendance Tracking & Fulfillment

Attendance tracking tools to collect measure and manage any onsite event activity.

Use advanced tracking technology to monitor attendee activity and improve the overall experience at events and conferences. Efficiently scan badges onsite for session check-in and gain valuable insight into how delegates move through sessions. Discover which activities are most popular and how specific content relates differently across multiple registrant demographics. Accurately award certificates or transcripts to delegates that have successfully completed the requirement outlined for the continuing education unit.

Event Attendance Tracking

Event attendance tracking is a must-have for any event organizer. It helps you measure your event success, understand your attendees’ needs, and improve your future events. With our tools and software, you can easily track your attendees’ behavior, engagement, and feedback. Whether you are hosting a conference, an exhibition, a seminar, or any other type of event, we have the right solution for you.

Session Attendance Tracking

With our tools and software, you can easily track your session attendance. Results can be provided in real-time or on-demand depending on the tracking device used and are accessible through our online reports. Tracking session attendance allows you to manage occupancy levels, understand who attended, how long they spent in the room and more.

Access Control

Using our MyACCESS app to scan badges or tickets at sessions and events for access control is a smart way to manage your activities and ensure your security. It helps you control who can join your sessions, access your content, or use your facilities. With MyACCESS, you can prevent unauthorized attendance, leakage of sensitive information, or disruption of your event.

Consumer Ticket Validation

At CONEXSYS selling tickets to your public event is a breeze with our online tools. Our mobile scanning app validates event tickets instantly by scanning the QR code on the ticket ensuring that only attendees with access get access. Using our app prevents ticket duplication and fraud, speeds up check-in and improves attendee management.

Session Evaluations

Use our online evaluation tool to assess how relevant and valuable a session or activity was perceived by the audience. Online evaluations can also be applied to determine whether an attendee has completed the requirements of a continuing education unit and therefore has achieved the desired accreditation.

Accreditation Management

Avoid errors by using our session scanning tools. Scan attendees in and out of sessions to verify they stayed for the required time. Once complete allow the attendance to submit evidence of completing the credit eligible activities through integrated evaluations or exams. Upon successful completion of outlined criteria CE credits can be awarded automatically through our online portal or by email.