Exhibition Solutions

The formula to generate excitement and ensure the success of your exhibition.

Transform your exhibition management with solutions that give you insight into your exhibit floor and wow your exhibitors. Our MyLEADS options and 1-to-1 appointment scheduling enable your exhibitors to track leads and connect with attendees onsite in real time.  Measure traffic patterns and encourage your attendees and exhibitors to interact with each other by offering these intuitive tools.

Lead Retrieval

MyLEADS by CONEXSYS allows your exhibitors a way to collect and manage sales leads generated at your trade show or exhibition. Exhibitors benefit by having an intuitive handheld scanning device, mobile app or api access that allows them to save time, track prospects, understand ROI and follow up effectively. Exhibitors can scan badges, add qualification and follow-up codes and/or add custom notes to each lead.  Accessing leads is simple and available in real-time with our online portal.

Booth Visit Tracker

Give your attendees the power to proactively contact exhibitors post event by providing them access to the booths they visited at the tradeshow.  If an exhibitor scans an attendee in the booth with one of our lead retrieval devices they’re not only a lead for that exhibitor, but the exhibitor becomes a lead for the attendee.  After the event an email is sent to all of your attendees with a link to a personalized webpage that provides a detailed contact list for each of the exhibitors they visited at the event.

Appointment Scheduling

Provide Your Attendees with the Option of Booking 1-to-1 Meetings Directly with Exhibitors at Your Event.

By enabling attendees to request meetings with Exhibitors at your event you provide them with the option to enhance the value of their event experience. Providing the ability for scheduled meetings to take place helps to create a foundation for generating meaningful and lasting relationships between your attendees and exhibitors, as well as a platform to facilitate pre-event engagement.