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By utilizing the CONEXSYS registration system for your next event, you have the ability to produce accurate event reports with one click. Standard reports include registration and attendance, financial details and summaries, and complete statistics generated from the demographic and survey data recorded at the time of registration. Customized reports, based on your specific requirements, are also easily generated.

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Reporting: Feature
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Event Reports and Analysis

With our simple on-site scanning system, you can capture detailed statistics regarding how many registrants attended, daily traffic statistics, as well as conference and seminar participation. The CONEXSYS system can generate lists by participant based on specific criteria. For example, you could determine how many pre-registered participants with management titles attended a specific seminar.

After the event, all data is exported in industry-standard ASCII format (plain text), or comma-separate format (csv) for easy import to your in-house database or spreadsheet application. CONEXSYS will archive a back-up of your data for safekeeping or to produce custom reports based on your specifications.

All data remains the exclusive property of the client and will never be redistributed or given to any third-party without the prior written consent of event management.

Reporting: About
Reporting: About
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