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November Update 1 - Released November 8th

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

  • Badge Editor: Added interface to include a mirrored agenda to badge

  • Badge Editor: Updated badge agenda to hide event package trigger products.

  • Copy event and websites: Updated copying event questions.

  • Cross Event Reports: Added new cross event export function with conditional filtering to pull unique lists for one or many events at a time.

  • External Connections: Updated woocommerce integration to consolidate multiple orders for the same registrant.

  • External Connections: Added new integration partner with A2Z for automated exhibiting company management.

  • Imports: Updated exhibitor import to improve validation on email addresses.

  • Imports: Updated company phone import to limit to 20 characters as validation requires.

  • Onsite reports: Attendance by Seminar report to have ability to export (excel) registrant information for selected session (profile info + scanned in and scanned out).

  • User Settings: Added the ability for Event Management SuperAdmins to add/edit Users to their own producing company.

  • User Activity: Updated activity logging to include email and user creation to current log file.

  • User Settings: Added user controls to allow Event Management Admin access to Invitation List.

  • User Settings: Added the ability for Event Management SuperAdmins to create emails (Company Registration Custom and Registrant Custom email types only).

  • Various bug fixes.

If you have questions, please reach out to your CONEXSYS representative.

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