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January Update 1 - Released January 3rd, 2023

We're pleased to provide the release notes from our latest MyConexsys update below:

Cross-Event Reporting:

  • Added registration group and registration status filters on all cross event reports

  • Added the ability to export any chart to pdf or png files

  • Added zoom in/zoom out feature to each chart

  • Added Financial Totals By Weeks Out report

  • Added new Total Registrations By Weeks Out report

  • Added Total Registration by Registration Type by Weeks out report with date restriction data points

  • Added new Total Registrations by Week report

Email Editor: Added a new line total column that calculates {qty} x {amount} to order and combined order merge tags in emails

Invitation List: Added the ability for Event Management SuperAdmin users to send emails from the invitation list

Management Settings:

  • Added ability for locations to be imported

  • Updated product and session import functions to allow a location to be imported if it exists in the location list

Payment Providers: Updated Orbital payment gateway integration with enhanced refund processing

Registration List: Added sorting functionality to additional registration list columns

Session Export: Added location column to export

User Settings: Added the ability for Event Management SuperAdmin users to add, edit and import locations

Various bug fixes.

If you have questions, please reach out to your CONEXSYS representative.

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