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January 2023 - Update 2

Please find our second tech update of January.

We're happy to announce the launch of the CONEXSYS public status page where you can view the availability of our online services at any time. Find it and subscribe to real-time notifications at

We have also released a new version of MyConexsys - January 20, 2023. Below are the release notes from our latest update.


Invitation List:

  • Added the ability to have pre-seeded question answers in the invitation list and have them populate matching fields in registration.

  • Added question answer fields to the export of invitation list records.

  • Added the ability to import invitations records with pre-seeded question answers.

  • Added the ability to edit or add new individual invitation records and select the appropriate matching question and answer.

Manage Scans:

  • Added the ability to bulk delete scan records for specific user types

Registration/Invitee List:

  • Updated Registration/Invitee list to allow filtering of invitees and registrations by group.

Self-Service Solutions:

  • Added front or rear facing camera scanning as an option for self check-in and self scan pages that can be used on any device with an onboard camera.

  • Added search by name, company, etc to self scan pages.

  • Added registration type to display on returned search list for Self-Checkin and Self-Scan pages.

Various bug fixes.

If you have questions, please reach out to your CONEXSYS representative.

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