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February 2023 - Update

Please find our tech update for February.

We released a new stable version of MyConexsys - March 2nd, 2023. Below are the release notes from our latest update.

VR 1.8.19

Appointment Scheduling:

  • Added ability to allow search of the attendee list from Company Portal and Company backend using the following criteria: company, name, country, province/state and demographic questions. Returned list will display name and company only and invite action.

  • Added settings for enabling attendee search function and what criteria is available

  • Added the ability for exhibitor to send searchable attendees an invitation to book a meeting

  • Added the ability to allow Exhibitors to select reps to be available for appointments. Exhibitors can assign one or many reps to a timeslot.

  • Added the ability to set an allotted maximum number of Delegate invites per Exhibiting Company. This includes a default event allotment and a by exhibitor allotment.

  • Added trigger to send email when a new rep has been added to or removed from a meeting.

Backend Interface:

  • Added Status Page icon and link to footer in myconexsys.

Cross Event Reports:

  • Added an "unselect all" feature to unselect all regtypes from the Total Registration by Registration Type by Weeks Out report.

  • Added text to indicate that the reporting week runs from Sunday to Saturday.

  • Added the ability to click on summary numbers in the list report and drilldown to the corresponding data.

Email Editor:

  • Added Visitor and Contact UUID's as a merge tags.

File Upload Question:

  • Added limitation on file type user can upload: pdf and image (png and jpg).

Various bug fixes.

If you have questions, please reach out to your CONEXSYS representative.

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