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December Update 1 – Released November 25

  • Badge Editor: Updated merge tags to allow greater flexibility with Alt City, State & Country fields

  • Landing Page: Added pop-up announcement automatically linked to IT updates blog on corporate site

  • Payment Processor: Expanded Pineapple payments customizations to allow handling of specific billing address info

  • Recent Updates (megaphone icon): Added announcement history to megaphone icon automatically linked to IT updates blog on corporate site

  • Reporting: Added new report - registration by unique companies

  • Website Editor: Expanded Event Management Super Admins abilities to edit existing websites

  • Website Editor: Greater support for multi language support

  • Websites: Improvement with Group Registrations and discount codes

  • User Management: Added activity logging for website changes

  • User Management: Added interface to view activity by user

  • User Management: Removed Application Management if Event Management SuperAdmin

  • User Management: Updated user creation/upgrade permission for Event Management SuperAdmin

  • Various bug fixes

If you have questions, please reach out to your CONEXSYS representative.

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